ITALIA Spaghetti and pasta is made from Durum which is a variety of wheat that has a higher protein
And gluten content than other kinds of wheat and is most often found in pasta. Whole wheat,
Whether durum or another variety, is more nutritious than refined wheat because it contains.The nutrient-rich germ and bran that are otherwise stripped away during the refining process.
Pasta provides you with energy, as well as essential nutrients in the form of fiber, vitamins and
Minerals.Pasta can be mixed with healthful ingredients to prepare nutrient-packed meals.


Spaghetti & Pastas
S.no Size Description
1 20 X 400gm Spaghetti
2 20 X 400gm Shell
3 20 X 400gm Fussili
4 20 X 400gm Elbow
5 20 X 400gm Farfalle
6 20 X 400gm Penne
7 20 X 400gm Manti
8 20 X 400gm Crown
9 20 X 400gm Twisted Elbow


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